Movie quotes

"I'm the ultimate bad-ass! State of the Bad-Ass-R! You don't want to mess with me! Check it out! Independently targeting particle beam phalanx. Fry an entire city with this puppy! We've got tactical smart missiles. Phase plasma pulse rifles, RPGs! We've got sonic electronic ball breakers. We've got nukes, we've got knives... sharp sticks!"

These are mostly movie quotes, but there are some quotes from TV shows, as well. I've tried to avoid quotes that require explanation, but there are some that slipped through the cracks (the Worf-Alexander conversation over there in "S," well, you just had to see the episode). They're mostly funny ones, but there's a few more serious ones. Many movies deserve to have their entire script in here, but I've imposed a limit of no more than three from any given source. Enjoy! And please, if you notice an error, please let me know (email address can be found in the Personal section). In the years since IMDB started allowing people to submit quotes, it's gotten harder to find the original wording if you don't own a movie.

"Caution: some quotes contain language." Snicker.

Note : Quotes with their source marked with an * come from something that has been (probably clumsily) translated from Japanese.

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What would you say if I were to tell you that I believe you're as human as I am?


I would say you're in need of a Thorazine drip, doctor.

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