Well, now I've kept it up for a few months to some degree, and enough has been going on since I rebooted that I feel I should do some main-page highlight reel action. Working as a front-end specialist in a heavy HTML/CSS/NodeJS environment has had me on the warpath even at home!

I'm hoping to look at the project of db'ifying Thoughts sometime in here, but don't hold me to it.


Job hunt is complete, hooray! Two weeks of vacation coming up, during which time I hope I can get things even a bit more in shape here, and then we'll see how hobbies progress after I rejoin the working world in the new year.


I am resurrect! After a long hiatus, I should at least dust out some of the cobwebs. Archived many things away via the old stuff dumping ground. There's still some brokenness around as I bring things back online after 5 years or so of rust, but fixing up the ol' house is good practice for a variety of future endeavors! The job hunt is being tracked in Thoughts.

And you know, what the heck. Let's doooo eeet. New color scheme for the first time in 15 years or so. BAM.