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We're going to Colorado for Thanksgiving, hooray! And taking several days off other than just the weekend, because zomg I am going to die, and Jeff's not in a much better boat with his work. I can't remember the last time I needed a vacation so badly; probably during the Vista RTM push, the last time that Jeff and I went to Colorado. Visiting Grandma and Grandpa will be badly needed stress relief.

I'm on a two-day streak of waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to fall back asleep for a few hours. I would prefer if that would stop.

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Science on Tap, clapping for credit, drunk associations, I am done.



I miss my cats so much when I'm gone. This two day here, two day there schedule is good in a lot of ways, but I miss my furry faces and at least one of them misses me back. I've been having Mama come by to keep Micah company a bit, but given how he gloms on to me needily every time I come home, it seems there's no substitute in his head for his mom.


I've been thinking about parenting this week. The idea scares the crap out of me.



Working on Saturday for the third week in a row is, well, indicative of how my week went. There, days of bitching rolled into one sentence! Lord knows I didn't have the energy for bitching at the time.

Pomegranates taste like Sailor Moon and high school. Which is surprisingly delicious.



I have gleefully done nothing today. Oh wait. Except for the part where I went in and did about 4 hours of work, because I didn't have time this week given all my meetings. (droop) It's all important, I truly believe, but a week straight of 5+ hours a day of meetings: brutal. Most of the week, I held up relatively well under the intensity, the needing to be in around 9:30 am several times, the lack of sleep from stressy work worrying, the bad news about my car... I had to break down and feel overwhelmed at some point, and that point was driving home at 9 pm on Friday, when I just burst into tears on the freeway.

How lovely then that I walked in the door to the smell of browning onions and sizzling flank steak, fajitas most of the way towards completion. Those there are some pretty major boyfriend points.



"Rap hands! Let me see them!"

(rap hands)

MC Chris was 100% what I needed this evening to blow off some heavy steam. Any show where I'm left giggling the whole way home: winner. But after rocking the fuck out two nights in a row... my oi oi oi arm aka my rap hands arm aka my poor right arm... it be a wee bit sore.

Best thing all night that I didn't actually get to see: opening act Totally Michael rocking the fuck out to the Mortal Kombat theme while I was in the bathroom. I have never wanted out of a toilet stall so badly, hearing this awesomeness going on while Jeff texts me "OMG WHERE ARE YOU ARE YOU SEEING THIS?" Jealousy, I has it.



I love the Street Dogs soooo much, even when I forget which night they're playing and send us over to Chop Suey thinking it was MC Chris tonight instead. The guy at the door thought we were crazy, but really we were just living in the future.

I don't think I'll ever get tired of In Defense of Dorchester.



Hrm. I'm not as happy with that curry recipe I've been wanting to try as I hoped I would be. The delicious Indian flavors just weren't strong enough, and there was some sort of wicked strong off taste that nearly made me gag. I managed to muck with it enough to make it edible, but still, no bueno. Sigh. I'm going to guess it was cooking a tomato-based curry in a not-well-seasoned cast iron pan that did it in; it was a metallic/mineral sort of taste, so I don't think it was coming from the lamb.

Lamb braised in curry for a good hour or so, though... bomb diggity.



This week wasy way, way, way too long. Although the reason I didn't get everything done was because Thursday and Friday were both drinking-at-work events... but I'm not sure I would have gotten things done, regardless. Boo on working on the weekends. Yay on getting Jeff to pick up KoL again (with a nodelete flag this tme). Such a cute nooblet!



Two days into the week and I'm about ready to keel over. The last two weeks were a mere windup to the next four, a mad planning dash in a world where I'm on something like 90% of the feature crews. I'm an engineer, but the next four weeks I'm in meetings 4-8 hours a day, pretty much every day. I ask you: how am I supposed to engineer anything in this situation?

With my mind, I guess.

I bitch and moan, but on the other hand, I'm getting to touch essentially every customer-facing aspect of the project. I may not be 100% happy with the results, but it's such an improvement over the status quo that it might actually be like we know what the internet is. Or at least have heard of that hippy crap.



Teehee. We played Magic tonight, for the first time for me in a year or so (and before that, I hadn't played in several years). We "drafted" (if you can call 2 players a draft)... I built the stronger deck, Jeff built the more interesting one, and with swapping the decks between our two matches, we each won 2 games with my deck (although that last one, I probably could have won if I'd not made a tactical error, and one other, Jeff would have likely won if we'd remembered our counters properly). Fun! I'd never get back into the game the way I was in high school, but that was a most excellent way to spend a couple hours with my honey.



Happy is making myself a pasta sauce out of zucchini, yellow pear tomatoes, roma tomatoes, basil, oregano, and leeks out of my garden, with some onion, garlic, white wine, and balsamic tossed in. It's also eating it all by myself so I didn't have to defend the color the balsamic turned the whole thing to anyone else. Hehe.

I hope my zucchini do better next year. They got all annihilated by mildew this year... I've been lucky to get a couple baby zukes for eating, but it's definitely been sparse.

And delicious.



Bleh. All the reasons that I'd been avoiding new laptop hit me in the face tonight. Reconfigured apache, but still need to get mysql and phpmyadmin up and running, and get ports of my databases over. Annoying annoying.

Broccoli steamed in salt water in a saran-wrap-covered bowl in the microwave are so damn good.