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The computer seems completely dead. It really does feel like a conspiracy... as if everything is broken or breaking, and there's nothing to be done about it except be pissed and depressed. Well, yay. I walked around in the dark for an hour tonight, being upset, and I only had one random neighborhood kitty to cheer me up.

What a cheery way to start off a week off work. Bleh.



Homemade enchiladas verdes and Mexican rice. A full cup of cilantro (as man, did my plant need thinning). A whole hell of a lot of food.

I am defeated.




Went to see The Young Dubliners at the Tractor tonight. Their opening band had me worried... they were distinctly... meh. I fretted: I love the album of theirs that I have, but what if they... suck? I needn't have worried. There is pretty much nothing that I love as much as fiddlers and pipers, except perhaps fiddlers and pipers paired with some rockin' guitar, bass, and drums. Wheeeeeeee!



A day home sick, but at least it was a productive one. Y'know, other than the naps. Finally fixed the .htaccess bug that had been blocking several bits of the site, and got the underlying CSS revamped to a new underpinnings that is wildly superior. Other than the part where the footer links don't display correctly in IE, so I've turned them off for the day. Progress isn't always smooth!



Much manual labor and a bit over a hundred bucks, and I have a backyard I'm much happier about. The remaining area needs a planter box and its own paving love, and I'll call it done for the summer. But that's another weekend's project.

Because I'm fucking beat.



Blah, blah, BLAH.

My fridge and my computer both (independently) broke yesterday. It's like an ongoing contest to see how grumpy I can get on a Friday! Sigh. In a frenzy of upsettedness about being unable to fix anything, I went to fucking town on my backyard this evening. The weednest was eradicated over the course of a couple hours, after which I enlisted Todd to help me pull up the "paving" stones in preparation for graveling over the whole area and repaving. Tired Jen is tired, and my fridge and my computer still don't work, but hey, at least I got something done.

Blah, blah, BLAH.



Me and my inability to get myself to sleep need to have a long talk. Also, chemicals can go to hell.



Guy seems fully convinced that my knees are intended to bend backwards. I'm not sure I'll be able to walk after this particular instance of heavy-kitty-holding-court-on-the-bridge-of-my-legs. Crawl upstairs, I'll have to! Heartless beast.



It took my bank two full days to do some math on my account. My "activity" told the truth (that I got paid on Friday), but my "holdings" didn't actually add that money in until, oh, sometime in the last couple hours. I think it may just be that all banks are a bunch of monkeys. A bunch of monkeys that I need to convince to give me a credit card. I feel as if I'm failing the American way by not being able to charge anything.

Paid, warm weather had for the weekend, initial hump of doing some Web work for a friend of Dad's finally hurdled, Battlestar Galactica deficit slightly ameliorated, Ruby Shuz CD release attended, delicious carnitas and grilled foods eatn. Not at all in order, but that was my weekend after about 8pm on Friday. It was about damn time things took a proper good turn. In celebration: it's ROLLOVER TIME!



If only Micah could be told how terrible he made my day, all because he was playing with a wee baby bird in my closet at 9:45 am. He probably wouldn't quite get the causality chains there.

I wonder if that poor bird made it, hiding away in the hedge.



It's just been a big pot of no good, that's all. But sometimes, you can find an island of awesome in an otherwise rather crappy week by taking off a bit early in the sunshine, and engaging in some serious cookery with your best friend. We grilled some onions and zucchini, set them aside tented with foil. We grilled some red potatoes bathed in rosemary and garlic and olive oil, set them aside tented with foil. We grilled some t-bones, sliced them, drizzled them with olive oil and lemon. We peeled everything open and feasted with some BridgePort Haymaker, my current favorite seasonal. It was beyond good, well into lovely. Followed up with the last three episodes of season one of Dexter, it was an impressive attempt at an awesome evening. Too bad it can't actually stave off tomorrow.



The good part of the day was deciding that I like 4th Edition. The rest of it was tiring and less sweet than at will powers. I go to bed now.



It was a long damn week.


It's oooover.




For all that it's keeping me shitcakes busy, my work the last few days has been epic fun. It's been a good six months at least since I got to work on something truly new, and I'm excited to see this stuff head towards going live. It's wild to think that we've been publishing weekly for 66 weeks now with only around 5 weeks blacked out; we missed celebrating the one year mark, but serendipitously, the 100th weekly publish at the end of January will coincide with the 2 year anniversary of site launch (we took a month or so after launch to settle some basic bugs, so weekly publishing didn't start until March last year). I'm planning a big ol' "We've known exactly what Jen is doing on Thursday mornings for 100 straight weeks" party.



Tonight it's a bit lamer to be working until 1:45 am. But... but... I was having fun...

Regardless, it's time for bed, to happily muse on fun evening work and the particularly great Science on Tap we were treated to tonight. Hooray.



I know, I know, I'm a good two months due for a rollover. If ever there was a Jen who needed an automated rollover script, she'd be me.

Late night tonight, working on fun if WILDLY AGGRAVATING stuff that had me yelling and banging my fist while feeling completely morally superior. It seems more terrible than it is, to have just finished working at 2 am; we didn't have dinner until around 11:30, so I didn't settle down to work until near midnight. A couple hours working at home isn't... that... bad. Or maybe it just doesn't feel that bad because I'm so pleased at how dinner turned out. After what felt like weeks of not cooking on non-Jeffie days, I tossed a whole passel of veggies (asparagus, tomatoes, onions, garlic, mushrooms) in some olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and various and assorted seasonings, roasted the lot, browned some chicken, and turned the whole mess over pasta with some cheese. It was that which is known as delicious.

I've missed cooking.