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I cried at the end of The Dark Knight on Saturday. Make of that what you will; I'm pretty sure the girl sitting next to me thought I was looney tunes. I did not cry at the end of Wanted tonight. 'Twas a silly movie, but a good thing to take Dad to for his birthday. Goodness knows Mama wouldn't have gone with him normally, so he got to feel like he was getting away with something, which was very nearly its own level of birthday present.

The baby zucchini plant I put in just a couple weeks ago has, I swear, doubled in size over this weekend. I'm going to be rolling in zucchini in a couple months. Growing food is neat.

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I haven't been chatty. The last couple weeks have been chaotic and stressful and perhaps it's a sign that I'm getting older that I don't have much desire to dash off thoughts during such times.

Nova is a great comfort. The Missoula Floods, for example, were remarkably engrossing, which is precisely what I need at the moment.



What's done is done. Wound is cauterized and it's time to cry about the burn.



My mommy and me went to see the Red Elvises tonight. Hee. We had a fantastic time. Sadly, the audience was relatively lame, but that's okay, Mama was entranced by the music and the antics on stage, and didn't have anything to compare it to anyway. Weirdly, I think it was the best concert of theirs I've gone to in terms of them (oh man, was Oleg the bassist in FINE HILARIOUS FORM), but worst in terms of crowd. Maybe there is some sort of cosmic balance to keep.

Mama knew that what the bassist plays is called a "balalaika." I had just been calling it "the giant triangle thing." She's so smart.

Juliet / uh huh / where the fuck you are
Juliet / boo hoo / WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU!



I have been staving off the Friday mopes by watching episode after episode of Bullshit. Being all moody on Friday is not something I'm looking forward to returning to. But hey, I've missed TV! And playing turns, because I apparently decided to not play at all the last couple days. Instead I opted for spending some quality time with Brandon and Jeff and beer. Which really was exactly what I needed.



I am exhausted. Worn out, wrung out, and just plain wrecked. I am going to take cue from Micah and sack out. Tivo has a wonderfully boring Modern Marvels (on PIGS) waiting to help me try to not think.



Came home early because foot hurt. Also because my heart was most entirely not in it to be at work today. Bleh. Did have a last-visit-before-returning-to-Canada from Dave, though, which was entertaining. Long robotic talk about relationships and girls FTW. But my TV downstairs has crapped out its ability to get cable audio (so no TV downstairs, only Raidset content), and my Tivo upstairs won't get on the network because the adapter I have won't use WPA (so only TV + what was recorded before we did the network key swap upstairs). Because of course, this is the absolute best time for all my shit to be FUCKING BROKE.



Well, I think it's safe to say that this is about the shittiest weekend that I've had in a long damn time.



My checkbook, with checks for both of my accounts. The Leatherman Wave Jim gave me for my birthday, the first year we were dating. Its leather case, worn far more than you would expect, because it wasn't the one that came with mine but rather Jim's, traded to me as I'd not be carrying mine on my belt. My passport. The DS that Jeff gave me for my birthday 2 years ago. Several DS games. An altoid box containing my most prized dice... the dove grey d4 I found randomly on the street and have never seen any other like, the "Callie dice" d8s that always rolled so well, selections from sets given to me by Mike, Craig, and Todd. The "geek" badgeholder Fool gave me that broke its string almost immediately, but that I kept with me to remind me how much I love my brother. My keys, including the LED pinch-light Mama got for me, the year she was so concerned about disaster preparedness, and the nail clipper Craig gave me that finally broke my lifelong habit of chewing my fingernails. The DS that Fool, Jenya, and Matt banded together to buy Jeff as a belated birthday present.

All of this was in my purse when someone smashed the passenger window of Jeff's car while we were at the Red Elvises, and now it is all gone.

It could be much, much worse. My iPod and my security badge for work were both at home. My cell and my wallet were both with me. We'll get the locks on the house changed in the next day or so. But that doesn't make me feel much better. I'm the sort of person for whom physical mementos are hugely important... I feel as if I've been kicked in the chest by a horse, having lost my Leatherman, all because I remembered halfway down the block that some shows search me and object to it. If I hadn't walked back, decided to just take essentials with me, tossed my purse carelessly, barely underneath the seat, Jeff wouldn't have thought to leave his DS either, and neither one of us would be out a thing.

Instead of a whole chunk of physical memories having disappeared into thin air.



I am remarkably cranky, so let's do some focusing on the positive.

  • My varigated basil is growing swimmingly
  • I got in a couple nice hours of work on the deck
  • Delicious dinner and dessert were made up off the cuff (hooray for biscuits)
  • Dexter season 2 is so frigging intense that Micah jumped off my chest for me being so twitchy



So I have been limping with various degrees of gimpyness since last Tuesday. According to the doc, I've done something no bueno to the fascia connecting my heel to my toes on my right foot. Risk factors include inactivity (check, sigh), unusual exertion (long walk in sandals on crazy hills on Monday night, check), and chronically tight calf muscles (check). I'm off my feet as much as possible the rest of the week, working from home, trying to avoid getting thrown into orthotics.


Although I suppose there's worse things than being on orders to lie on one's couch as much as possible. I decided that a mostly reclining position out on the deck today counted for the purpose, and lunches at home are staggeringly better than at work.

Time to go gimp upstairs (stairs are the worst... I've taken to semi-hopping, or trying to go up entirely on my heel), wrap this sucker up for the night, take some ibuprofen, and hopefully remember to do some careful foot/calf stretching before getting out of bed in the morning.



I am much happier watering my plants now that I finally got around to buying a spray nozzle thingamajig for my hose. No more watering can for the back garden! I can't wait to take a look in the morning (I water at night, generally, so it's hard to get much of a view despite the lights); the yellow pear tomato seems to feel as if it needs to make up for all the others, and I want to see how the new batch of stuff in the planter (an acorn squash, a second zucchini, two more types of basil, a jalapeno, and a poblano) is doing.

I like having a tiny farmers market growing in my backyard.

In other news, we are cautiously optimistic on the desktop machine front. Seems likely to have been a RAM slot gone bad paired with a botched SP1 install that wild-goosed the diagnosis. I'm still leaving it off for the night, but when I get back from the doctor in the morning, I'll try to put it through some paces. I am crossing my fingers.



My office is shockingly big. I seem to remember, thinking back to when it was just Carla's, before we doubled up, that it was large, yes, but there's been two sets of furniture in there for so long that I seemed to have forgotten the sheer scale. That is, until we undoubled two weeks ago. A week of just me in the office, even with Allan's desks still in there, felt large enough. While I was on vacation this last week, facilities removed the excess furniture. Today, I positively rattled around in there. My office is a good two feet deeper than most of the other offices on the hall, and I've got less than half the furniture of most people.

I need a couch. Even if we're theoretically moving to a different building in a few months, one where I may have to double again, or offices may be smaller... how can I waste this magnificent space while I've got it?

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Vacation this time was spent doing a lot of not a whole lot, which contributed mightily to the lack of /tht/. Well, not a whole lot that wasn't manual labor. When we weren't reading, sleeping, or eating, we built a giant planter out of cedar (2 feet tall and wide, 6 feet long), settled it up by the deck fence, filled it up with dirt and vegetables and herbs, and paved the area in front of it with more gravel and stones. My backyard is essentially finished, and I am full of glee. Total time spent: about 4-5 days of random work. Total amount spent: about $450. Sweet. No pictures yet because I'm so pissed about my desktop being dead that I'm refusing to take pictures off my camera (I don't like the Mac interface), but trust me, it's pretty awesome looking.

I am refusing to wear the jeans I bought a couple months ago. They looked fantastic on me then. They do not now. I am displeased. Less random beer, smaller portions, and more exercise prz. I'm pretty sure I've now gained back all the weight I inadvertently lost last year, and I'm really not happy about it; I much prefer myself approximately 17 pounds below where I am now. I think I'm going to go about advertently losing some excess.