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Grumble... unwilling to go bowling at midnight with Jim's friends (I despise bowling), I find myself planning on bed at 10 pm on a Friday night.


Guh... woke up at 7, went to class, came back and fell asleep around 10... woke up again at 4. Hooray for the sleep deprivation!


Good lord this week is killing me. Eight hours at work both Monday and Tuesday, in addition to 1.5 hours class and 1.5 hours conversating on Monday and 3 hours class on Tuesday. Only worked 4.5 hours today but had 1.5 hours class and a 2 hour research meeting. I was going to talk about being able to get homework done better when it's light at 5 pm (or for that matter, waking up easier when it's light at 6:30 am), but I think I'll save it for an ACTUAL spring day, and opt for the bed-going right now.

Silly Japanese word of the next test I'm studying for!



Hrm. Well. Really not much to be said about the day. Although being used as the standard for the 4.0 in my technical editing class was kind of sweet. But really, no deep thoughts were had... well, they were, but they're forgotten by now. Ultimate irony... last week I was totally stoked to write about something during the day, and I was planning on doing so as soon as I got into work... and then... I forgot. I think my brain just shuts off around 10:30 pm, leaving the body to lumber on blissfully until it runs out of steam around 2 am.


Long long day today... caught a bus to campus at 7:20 am and stepped off the bus home at 7:48 pm. Lots of homework done, but not much studying really penetrating brain despite having spent two hours on it. Haven't even looked at the TC homework for tomorrow, sigh.

Silly Japanese word of the next test I'm studying for!

kasekinenryou—fossil fuels


Today I was sitting at a U-district bus stop, reading Frank Herbert's White Plague, when a man sat down on the next bench over. He didn't look particularly distraught or wild-eyed or in any other way abnormal, but he clutched a ragged teddy bear as if his life depended on it. He cooed to the teddy bear occasionally, and nuzzled it every now and again. I spent much of the fifteen minutes I waited for the bus with my book open in front of my face, watching him over the top. And I wondered.


I was going to write something last night, I really was. But then I started reading my book, and then it was like 3:45 am, and then I decided sleep was better. So anyway, yesterday my TC teacher was trying to explain the difference between non-restrictive "which" and restrictive "that" to people who hadn't studied grammar in a while. She opted to draw pictures of universes on the board, using an example sentence about different kinds of intelligence. Drawing a big circle on the board, "This is the universe of intelligence," she said, and without breaking a beat, drew a little stick figure outside the circle : "and this is President Bush..." It was so unexpected that the class couldn't help but erupt in laughter. We never really got back on track, which was nice... I can't stand that class normally (bored out of my mind, generally), but having all 20 or so of us on the silly train for the entire hour and a half seemed to mitigate things.


{insert generic comment}


Earlier today, as usual, I had several things I was in the mood to talk about. Particularly the very disturbing dream I had a night or two ago. But now I just don't feel like it. I've had a long long day and not enough calories and the main thing dragging my ass towards tomorrow is the promise of coffee (because I'm damn sure not going to do very well on the quiz awaiting me). So frustrated that I've still got two students without schools... not my fault, but my burden to carry as the liaison. Argh.


Well... she's up. XMMS crashes on play, fonts aren't working (ttmkfdir gives me an "Aborted" error and nothing else), and generally config wise she's unusable. But Chiyo lives! And that's happy.

Silly Japanese word of the next test I'm studying for!

haikiryou—piston displacement


Fans replaced or removed, new hard drive... Hopefully Chiyo will boot up tomorrow (heh). Don't want to do it right now, seeing as her other drive is hanging out in one of Jim's machine until its brains get emptied. But tomorrow... a return to Unix. Thank god.


Several days of not-so-inspired posts... I've been busy, and tired... so sue me. I can't be your huckleberry all the time.


Ugh... totally wasted day. Two and a half hours on buses, anime, and some Age of Mythology. Nothing productive AT ALL. Blah.


I remember that earlier I wanted to write something about Carl and Mark and drinking beer, but I've forgotten. I suppose the memory of wanting to write something should count a little.


Reminder to self : Clerks quotes are sadly lacking. Write something about the alt-labgeek flare up. Go to bed.


I forgot yesterday! My aim is to use the following word as many times in conversation and homework as I can in the next week.

Silly Japanese word of the next test I'm studying for!

gyouketsu—coagulated blood


Sigh. So many days of fulfilling the in-bed-by-midnight-on-school-nights resolution... and tonight, I failed. It was in a good cause and I don't regret it, but still.


Quite possibly the tardiest shift-over in the history of Thoughts-being-on-separated-pages. I didn't really want to because it'd be ugly... and sure enough, it's ugly. Only eleven and a half months until symmetry is regained. Strange to think I've been writing this crap for nigh onto four years now... Boggle. I'll have to give a proper birthday party this April.


The system... is down. The system... is down.


So yesterday morning totally sucked. The 71 came early, and didn't stop even though I ran after it for about a block. So I run up towards 35th to catch the 65 in time to get coffee before class. Right as I hit the crosswalk, the 65 blows through a yellow light to pull up to the stop (kittycorner from me). I'm thinking "SHIT" and I bolt across the crosswalk and across traffic the other way (thankfully the cars stopped for me). I'm heading full tilt for the bus stop, and the 65 is slowly loading passengers. I'm totally going to make it. Until I run over a big grating in the sidewalk, which must have been a little damp or something, because my ankle suddenly turns 90 degrees and I go sprawling. I had some letters in my left hand, letters I for some reason didn't drop, and my right hand was steadying my backpack as I ran. The result of this situation being that I couldn't use either my left or my right hands to catch me when I fell. The back of my left hand, my right elbow, and my knees took the brunt of my fall. Stunned, I was trying to get up and shaking my head as the bus, a mere fifteen feet away, started off. I could see a passenger in the back staring at me. BASTARDS. So I ended up with some awful scrapes on my knuckles and back of my hand, a nasty bruise on my right elbow, knees that hurt, and I had to catch a later bus, meaning no coffee. ARRRGGHHH. I'll have to take a picture of my hands tonight... an accident of placement of scrapes combined with the back-of-the-wrist scrape I got a couple days earlier on the right hand result in something that looks "amusingly" like stigmata. And today, my thigh muscles are aching horribly—I think they must have spasmed like hell trying to regain control as I went down yesterday. SOB.


I really really want Chiyo (my Unix machine) back up. And a nap. Definitely a nap. And for my homework to have not taken three and a half hours, and for me to not have missed the first hour and a half of Loveline. No, I'm not cranky, whatever gave you that idea?


Today was the sort of incredibly gorgeous clear day that was simply made for walking down to U Village with Mint Royale blaring in the ears, running errands in the sun, grabbing a milkshake and parking my ass to bake on the sidewalk while waiting for the bus. It could have almost been spring... regardless, I felt more human than I've felt in the month or two since the grey blanket descended. This morning, I was prepared to continue the crabbiness. But rounding a corner into the full glory of dawn with the opening riff to The President's "Kitty" just smoothed it all out.


I hate being cranky and bitchy for a week straight. Bah humbug.


Guh. Lots of Age of Mythology make Jen's eyes hurt. And she has to get up at 6:30 am tomorrow... SUPER FUCKING SADNESS.


Very very tired.


Frustrating, long day. But watching Evil Dead at 2 am and the Fananalysis thingie on the DVD at 3:30 am can't help but cheer someone up. The Xena woman.... sooo.... frightening....


I'll make a pretty gallery or something later, but for now, here's the costume pictures. Several of these pictures are terrible, but I kept them for specific reasons. Heh. Other than that, nothing much to say. My room is horribly messy. Stupid post-holidy mess. I need to sit down and clean up... once I stop feeling like I'm coming down with the flu. BAH.


Reminder to self : post pictures from the Victorian-era costume party Jim and I went to for New Year's Eve. Wasn't the most rockin' party I've ever been to, but it was the only one where total strangers have told me I looked beautiful and asked to take my picture.