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I almost passed out when I tried to get out of bed this morning. That's always fun. I'm exhausted. Moving sucks, but at least it wasn't me moving... just... well, doing the moving. And I saw Wild Wild West today. As soon as I find somewhere that has the text of the couple quotes I want, I'm so putting some from that movie on the quote page.


Whew. I just got so much done for the club it makes me giddy. Getting things done gives me such a happy feeling. Time to go try to get things done for my site. Argh! I can't finish up the ancestors for like a week, because Jason packed up all his books! Drrrrrrrrr....


Um. And stuff. There, I wrote something.


I actually got to sleep in today! YESSSS!!! Hmmm I just wasted about my entire afternoon doing an addition to my character generation reference. And here I thought I'd get some reading done. Sheesh. Oh, and because I know that someone out there really cares, here are all my scores from The Brunching Shuttlecocks page's quizzes:

Elvis movie or Cocktail : 8/11
Beanie Baby or GI Joe figure : 6/12
Yahoo category or not : 4/12
Star Trek episode or Christian Metal band : 8/12
My Little Pony or Porn star : 11/12
Italian sports car or Impotence drug : 7/10
Norse saying or not : 4/7
Movie in production or not : 4/10
Candy bar math : 3/6

I don't believe in chain letters. I don't believe in chain letters. I don't believe in chain letters. I don't believe in chain letters. I don't believe in chain letters. I don't believe in chain letters. I don't believe in chain letters. I don't believe in chain letters. I don't believe in chain letters. I don't believe in chain letters. I don't believe in chain letters. I don't believe in chain letters and I can't freaking SLEEEEEEEP. I'm incredibly tired and can't make the jump to dreamland. BAH HUMBUG.


Wow. Everything looks so different on a borrowed 19 monitor. I think I first became cognizant of computers somewhere around my sophomore year of high school. Well, actually, it must have been before that that I started thinking they were cool, and I know I knew my way around one tentatively before then... But that was when I took Multimedia... a class that I was pretty thrilled about because I'd get to play around on the school's Macs. I don't remember, though, when it was I started getting snobby about Macs vs. the Windows machines that I use now. I seem to remember spending a lot of time playing around with Hypercard, but I know for certain that that December, I mocked Mike a little for his Mac, and I know that by the first semester of my junior year, I was a fixture on one of the computer lab's two PCs, and teased the Mac people quite a bit. Why? I don't remember anymore... all I know is that Macs still just aren't for me, and I don't have any good reason for it.


This has been a shitty end to a shitty week. I want the world to go away and for my NEW FUCKING MONITOR TO NOT HAVE SUDDENLY STOPPED WORKING.


I didn't go to class today. I feel like kind of a putz for it, but oh well. I watched A Life Less Ordinary and Priscilla, Queen of the Desert last night. I'd seen the first before, and the second was pretty damn funny.


Whoops... I completely forgot to write anything yesterday. To sum up, I had a better day than I did on Monday, and I even got to eat some Indian food. But I still had to do a lot of club beauracracy shiznit, and that was a total pain. I learned that we have a faculty advisor, though, and that was pretty neat. Today has been okay so far... I think I inadvertently racked up some brownie points in my lit class today, so that's all good. Anyway, I need to do some major reading for my class tomorrow.


You know, for once, it'd be nice to have pretty weather on the first day of classes, instead of it always being rainy and cold no matter what quarter it is. I've had an absolutely shitty day. The only thing good was doing my homework. Here are some of the poems I read that were particularly nice: Poetry that made my day a little better. My eyes were green today, and I miss you.


Turns out my cat both puked and shit in my room last week. Ummm... ugh. I wasn't the most pleased at that that I could have been. It's 4 pm... I'm wondering when I should wake my roommate up.


Originally, I was going to write a lot tonight. But then I started talking to the girl who moved next door, and discovered that she didn't know where ANYTHING was, and wanted to know where EVERYTHING was. I talked her ear off... I've gotten kind of lonely in the last week, I guess. Then my roommate finally showed up (a really nice girl named Catherine from some university in Indiana, who took first year Japanese this last year and likes Japanese music... YESSSS!!!!) and I talked her ear off too. So now it's late and that's all I'm going to say.


I have this urge to do something, but I can't figure out what. It's a pretty annoying feeling. I had a dream last night that my roommate finally moved in - in the middle of the night. She was obnoxious and had a male friend with her who was taunting me for being on my computer so much. So that kind of sucked. Who am I? The Jen I've been for the last 6 months isn't the Jen I used to be. The Jen I've been for the last 2 months isn't either. A cute guy on my floor came to visit me yesterday, and I rejected him... nicely, of course... but I told him that I had a boyfriend within 3 minutes of him coming to talk to me.

What the hell?


My project for the day was translating a song from Spanish just to see if I still could. It was kind of frustrating. So many words I recognized but couldn't remember what they were! There's still a couple I couldn't puzzle out with an online dictionary. I SWEAR I know a verb consiguir but I can't find it online, and I don't remember what it means. Consigue, eh? I guessed that it means "continue," but I'm not sure. The closest I could find in an online dict was consiguiente, which means "consequently". Anyway, if anyone cares what a crappy translation of Ricky Martin's La Copa De La Vida is, it's here.


The Long Vacation theme song makes me alternately sad and happy now. Silly how music can affect one's emotions. My brother graduated from high school tonight. I almost started crying when they walked onto the Mercer Arena floor. My brother disappoints me sometimes in not living up to his potential, but I love him, and was so very very proud to see him walk up to his seat in his cap and gown. I didn't cheer when they called his name for his diploma, and I feel awful for it. I didn't do it because so many people were being really obnoxious and cheering too loud and too long... I didn't want to add to it. Or at least that's what I thought until the only person that I heard cheer for him was his girlfriend. I feel like a shit. "How else could two months' salary last forever?" has to be the damn coolest slogan ever.


One of the best things about summer is drving home along the 520 bridge at 10:15 pm and seeing a hint of the red sunset still in the sky in front of you. Another nifty thing is waking up when your alarm goes off at 10:15, and deciding you'd rather just turn it off and go back to sleep. Of course, someone calling asking if you'd like to play Quake 3 in the closed library because he has keys can wake you up... but who'd refuse that? I had some sort of dream last night but I don't remember what it was... I think I'm going to make up some kanji flashcards until I go get my ass splattered with a rocket launcher that's too slow. Well, I've seen Predator now.


I want my new motto to be "Keep Left, Except to Slow Down." Driving is amusing. But I'm lonely now.


In Longview today, no ramble. It's too hot to ramble.


Was too busy to write yesterday. And in the end it all comes down to dice. Natural 20, baby!!!


Short today, because I need to rush out to help people move. I'm just impressed that I remembered to write anything today. You know, making an image map is kind of fun.


You know, I wonder why there was a Jar Jar Binks. The old Star Wars movies didn't need some sort of cute comic relief. It seems to be an annoying '90s invention... for instance, that Eddie Murphy-voiced dragon in Mulan was funny, but unnecessary and innappropriate to the movie. Hmmm I wonder if I should reorganize the sidebar on my main page so it's actually, well, organized.


Three final exams yesterday. Five hours of sleep. Nine hours spent in the library studying before my night exam yesterday. I was on campus for 14 and a half hours yesterday. FOURTEEN AND A HALF. God. I got home and couldn't do much more than lie on my bed and stare at the walls. Well, okay, so I watched tv. Wouldn't you? Anyway, I'm pissed today. I swear that my dad knew that I wanted the van today and tomorrow (helping Brian move back to Longview), but he went and left it at the airport for mom to use when she flies in tomorrow afternoon. Guess I'm not going down to Longview till night. Argh. On the upside, I'm done with this quarter. Somehow I can't find it in me to care all that much. I'm too tired to. By the way, "The Ego Has Landed" is a really cool title for an album.




I think I was supposed to study or something today. Uhhhh yeah. And stuff.


I was let down again last night. Different person, always the same way. I really wish someone would drink up all the alcohol in the world and then erase everyone's memories of how to make it.


I just finished my last class of my sophmore year. It was rather anticlimatic. I just... well, I just wanted it to be over. Because I get my new harddrive today! Or at least I supposedly do. It just depends on if Lon comes through on it. 16.8 gigs. *swoon* All that's left for school now is all my finals. Monday is going to suck, hard. Oh well; my Japanese final shouldn't be too hard, but Physics and OChem are gonna bite.


I'm tired. Only one day of school left. And only one class. But then Hell Monday. I have to study all weekend. Lame.


Just over a year ago, it was Memorial Day weekend and I was in Florida. And I thought I was pregnant. I've never been happier to bleed than I was that May 30th last year, when my period started almost three weeks late. I was late two or three months in a row about that time. I know now that it was a combination of poor diet (I was barely eating), stress, and depression. In a macabre belated anniversary today, I went and did some web research on abortion techniques.

Good god.

I pray that I will never EVER be in such a situation as to need to fall back on an abortion. I practice safe sex as a rule (and was at that time a year ago; that's part of why I was so freaked out), and I earnestly suggest to any girl who doesn't to go read up on abortion procedures, complications, effects and costs of pregnancy, process of childbirth, and effects of the million and one STDs out there. Same goes for guys... STDs get you, too, and read the rest just so you know what you could be doing to your girlfriend.



I have to do my skit tomorrow. I don't think I know my lines any better than I did almost a week ago. WOAH. We just got a huge thunder sound (it's STILL rumbling). I didn't think it even looked bad enough to thunder; I can see blue sky way down over downtown. But I suppose it's pretty nasty right overhead. Go figure... this weather bites. Anyway, my random thought for the day is: Consider this in modern warfare: we now train snipers to wound, not kill. Reason? Because killing someone removes just them. Wound an enemy, and you remove not only them, but the one or two others who drag him out of the fight. It's all about number crunching efficiency.