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I don't really remember the last month of pregnancy being so... bleh last time around. I guess I was pretty caught up in the rush for the Windows 8.1 launch? I'm not exactly in "totally done with this shit" territory, but I have definitely gone from "would prefer to have kid be late for various reasons" to "okay, an earlyish kid would be 100% acceptable." The final countdown, it do approacheth, after all.

Had the bro, sis-in-law, and niece over last night for Thanksgiving #2 (#1 having been on Thanksgiving itself with Jeff's mother, and #3 with Dad, stepdad, bro-fam, and Mom being slated for December 12th) which was a resounding success. Our braised turkey, Grandma Gloria's potatoes, Nana's stuffing, some Martinellis, and cookies Jenya made... om nom nom. I missed the Colorado family bunches, but hopefully next year we'll be able to stage a full-strength Barrick-Chuchill family invasion.

Tentative cookie schedule 2015

All can be found in the recipe index o' enormity. We'll see how much having a kid somewhere in here mucks with my plans.

  • Thanksgiving weekend: orange cranberry vanilla cookies
  • Dec 04 work baked-goods thing: candy cane kiss cookies
  • Dec 05 weekend (book club): sprinkle sugar cookies
  • Dec 12 weekend: lemon poppyseed cookies*
  • Dec 19 weekend: spicy jam linzers
  • Christmas: fruitcake bars
  • Dec 26 weekend: chai snickerdoodles
  • New Years (extended family Christmas): iced oatmeal cookies*
  • Jan 02 weekend (book club): gingerbread

* new recipe this year