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Irrelevant-to-most-people-but-on-my-mind filter: getting dressed this pregnancy around is driving me up the frigging wall. Last time around I worked at a place where wearing geek t-shirts every day was the cultural norm, so I just got a couple slightly larger t-shirts, stretched several others, and BAM, done. But now I work at a place where, while nerd shirts are not verboten (I wear them on Fridays, and there are certainly some dudes who are wearing them constantly), the general level of dress is up a notch or two. Lots of sales folks, and a higher proportion of engineers who decide to wear suits than seems really reasonable. Anyway, I'm back to the uniform I wore my first couple years at MS: solid color camis or long-sleeved tees, depending on the weather, and a rolled-up sleeves button-up or cardigan on top.

Problems: camis don't do well with pregancy boobs, given I'm not a super fan of HERE ARE MY BOOBS. Three layers of clothes (given maternity bands) is so hot this godforsaken summer that I want to die on my walk home. Few of my normal underlayer shirts are long enough to handle even my currently modest bump.

No real problem, I thought. I can actually buy some maternity shirts, I thought.

As it turns out, and no offense to any other pregnant woman, past or future, who like or don't mind them... but all maternity clothing is hideous. At least on me. I am not a person who likes to spend any time at all thinking about what to wear, and if any time is spent at all, to have it be spent on "aaauugghh this is awful" is particularly displeasing.

There's not a good solution, and this doesn't really have a point. I'm just grumpy.