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Just got back from Clerks II. I will borrow John's words:

"The sequel's maybe 20% as funny as the original. Me, I loved the original enough that 20% Clerks was still worth seeing. You do the math and decide for yourself."

I would place the figure at around 50%, but the statement stands. It pulled tears from me no fewer than four times: three times for the love story of Dante and Randal, and once for the Pillow Pants the Pussy Troll bit.

(gales of laughter)



Far be it for me to say that my life is bad. Undisputabely, approximately exactly 89.3% of my crap stems directly from the inside of my own head. Even at my lowest, I'll cop to that. But if I were to truly and objectively regret something about the way things are now, it'd be my friend situation.

I have a wonderful little fool of a brother, and a very sweet boyfriend, but I only very rarely see the former and the latter just isn't quite right for some conversations (not to mention that I bore him to bits with my incessant chatter overmuch already).

I have several people that I know that I'm friendly with, but once we limit scope even to the number of people I'd feel comfortable texting to go see a movie on the weekend, or to grab dinner and a beer, or to gab over lunch, I'm down to 3±1, circumstances depending. Of those 3±1 people, I've seen only 1 more than once or twice in the last month. Even were I to see them all regularly, of those 3±1, all of whom are very charming and sweet, only 2 would I perhaps feel comfortable spilling my guts to, and then only on certain topics.

I should be used to the lack of close friends, I suppose; it's been rare in my life that I've known more than a person or two at a time that I felt truly close to (which may be why I've developed the unfortunate habit of speaking too closely with people I shouldn't, out of a sense of desperation). And really, if I discount people I could grab lunch with at work in the past, the population of my circle of mid-level friends is not significantly reduced from that it was in the past. So I take it all back; what's really distressing me, I think, is this maddening isolation in which I go days at a time speaking to no one but work people (where interactions are strained on two major fronts) and Jeff. The isolation is related both to things about my friends (IM is out for various reasons) and to my physical distance from anything civilized, but regardless of its source, it is, like, totally fucking lame, dude.



"It's hard out here for a pimp..." Hustle and Flow wasn't bad, and I will have rap stuck in my head for a good day or two, but in the realm of rap movies, I liked 8 Mile better. Terrence Howard just doesn't have a quarter of the unbelievable (particularly to me) charisma of Eminem... and the way he placed ", man" at the end of every sentence, with a bizarre pronunciation that I can't reproduce, kind of freaked me out, heh.

Work has been very very busy and my insomnia has been ravaging me alive. Not the most fun.



For the ongoing reference in my head: frying things at home is, without a doubt, the complete shit. Today's adventure in hot oil was for taco shells; we used flour tortillas so they turned out more chalupa-style than otherwise, but let it not be said that they were anything less than fucking delicious when stuffed with meat and cheese and avocado and sour cream and cilantro.




Oh for fucking heaven's sake, when did it get to be 2 am? This whole "I'll go to bed at a reasonable time this week" idea seems to have already gone directly out the window. To the sprinklers. Which turn on every night at 2 am, aurally reminding me that I'm up too damn late.



Underwhelmed by The Lady in the Water... there were a few devices that had they been stripped, the movie would have been a delightful fairy tale, but stripped they were not and thus a delightful fairy tale it was also not. Ah well, got to have delicious curry french fries and a beer with Jeff, and trade some witty banter with Mike, and the theater was several degrees cooler than home, so I shall not complain.



I was at work for about twelve hours today. Nothing is going right this week, and it's incredibly frustrating.



What did I want to talk about this morning? Not what I ended up talking about. Perhaps I wanted to talk about how badly my feelings are being hurt by this behavior, about how simultaneously wretched and furious I feel on a near daily basis. Perhaps I wanted to talk about how this week has been particular hard in this whole regard.

But I didnt talk about that.



I have been remiss. Too much chatting in KoL games channel and not enough writing other stuff or, uh... sleeping. Which I do believe I've heard is good for you.



Last night, I forgot my purse somewhere for the first time since I started carrying it. I suppose it was bound to happen eventually, but I was unprepared for how crippled I would be without it. I do have other keys, and I didn't need my wallet for anything today... but I had to go for nearly twelve hours without Altoids, and that was simply unacceptable.

I should throw some blue language in there after watching Deadwood for the last several hours, but despite my often offcolor mouth, my range simply doesn't extend to the reaches it should to do profanity justice.



Verdict from dinner last night: Mr. Brown is a genius, and frying pork chops breaded in salt and vinegar chips is perhaps the most awesome thing to have been attempted in our kitchen lately. Completely ridiculous... and completely delicious.






I desperately need to figure out how to balance my life better. I'm at work far, far, far too much of the day; when I finally roll in the door, it's late, I'm exhausted, but I'm up for just long enough to not get to sleep at a reasonable time, ensuring I'll be just as wiped the following day. It's just not good.



(yawn) Fantastic day yesterday, followed by 12+ hours of sleep. Can't go wrong with that.

Spent yesterday split evenly between gaming on my couch and lounging at Delton's fabulous house. And let me re-iterate the fabulous point; they've got lakefront property complete with a dock and a gorgeous view. The weather was fantastic yesterday evening, perfect for chilling at a lake with some Corona. The only other person from work who was at the housewarming party was Jochen, but Delton's other friends were sweet, most of them had lovely dogs, and did I mention the part about hanging out on the dock with Corona?

Good day.



Yay pirates! But more yay sleep.



Living in the boonies does have one perk: it was been 360 degrees of fireworks for several hours. Flashes and flares, bangs and hisses, heaven! Mostly made up for not going to the big show this year. The cats are not so appreciative as me, admittedly; Aggie hunkered somewhere outside and the boys bravely hid under my bed. Wusses.



I've been humming the Superman theme to myself for 24 hours now. Hooray to Kevin Spacy (award for being awesome) and mmmm to Brandon Routh (for being both adorably goofy and incredibly hot).

There's just nothing quite as cute as looking down to the bottom of my bed to see the monster trio all kittenpiled together. They're really not kittens any more (over a year old now!), but some vestiges of kittenhood still remain... and are absofrickinglutely adorable. Less visually adorable is that Micah decided to get up and curl up right on my neck and chest, blocking my view, but really, how can one complain at a purr getting pressed directly into one's ear and throat? Vibrating kitty happiness R us.



Good thing that the Fool came to visit me yesterday, as it would have been a wretched day otherwise. But as was, we had a fantastic time. I've been on the MS campus and in the buildings for one reason or another for over ten years, and long ago lost any awe that I had for it... I'd forgotten that the first time you wander around the place, it kind of blows your mind. Sports fields in the middle of the buildings? Free drinks stashed every couple hundred feet? Miles of ridiculously paid geeks' "personality"-filled offices? Classic arcade games lurking in every other corner or hallway? It's definitely a bit more than your average office park. Bryce and I walked around for a good hour, visiting certain offices or buildings that I thought would amuse him and soaking up (his hated) sunlight.

Now, normally I'm not the MS fangirl that perhaps my corporation wished that I would be. I gleefully use my PowerBook to the exclusion of nearly any other machine I have at home, my Windows-based entertainment box runs iTunes, I chose Tivo over Media Center, and my Web site runs on Apache, PHP, and MySQL. The Fool identifies himself as a Microsoft fanboy for the sole reason that he considers himself such a Macintosh and Unix hater, heh. So when we headed into the MS Company Store and Visitor Center, we were absolutely not expecting much, and indeed most of the Vistor Center was as we figured: underwhelming. But then we wandered into the back, and found perhaps the coolest bit of technology I have ever interacted with.

A piece of glass approximately two feet square is suspended perpendicular to the floor at eye level; a projector fills it with Windows Live maps and satellite information. Camera(s?) are trained at the back of the glass, watching your every move. Because it is movement that allows you to interact with the map: you sweep your hands together over the glass to zoom out, sweep them apart to move in. A flat hand's movement drags the map appropriately; two hands moving in a rotating motion swivel the landscape. Think Tom Cruise's rig in Minority Report. We were completely entranced. We found our parents' house, my condo, our grandparents' property in Colorado, my neighborhood in Osaka, Japan (can't zoom down to street-level satellite imagery outside of the United States, though), and only stopped because someone came up behind us and we didn't want to be like the people who had made us wait 20 minutes to play with the system.

I'm tempted to go back.