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So, I'm not supposed to compare my kids. I know that. I will in general attempt not to. But it's pretty hard not to do when they're so different already.

By the 2-3 week mark with Dominic, his wakeup time was already creeping earlier and earlier (for a lot of my maternity leave, he was up at 6:30), and I was already having to take very long walks to get him to calm down and nap. In contrast, Tobias happily so far stays totally or mostly sacked out until 10am-ish, and spends so much of his time in general sleeping (when he's not eating, although he often does both at the same time) that the idea of having to coax him into doing so is sort of laughable. Maternity leave where I get to sleep or at least doze until mid-morning is, frankly, an absolute game changer. Wow.

The wee one still has plenty of time to go to pieces, given that peak fussiness is generally in the week 5-8 range, and I'll be mentally prepared for it when it happens, but until then... I'm reveling. Particularly given that both Jeff and I (me less so) got hit with norovirus this week. Urgh. The thought of having to deal with a baby already well towards colic-town in the state we were in earlier this week makes me quail to my bones.

On the other hand, I got a lot more fit very quickly with the less-wee one, heh. Benefits to taking multiple 45 minute walks a day rain or shine...



Glory, hallelujah! I found my hands-free pumping bras this morning. I'd searched the places I'd thought them likely to be for the last couple days, to no avail. There was much gnashing of teeth and Amazon ordering. But then I sit down in the boys' room this morning to clear out some drawers for the wee-er one's clothes, and happened to open the drawer with all the various bottle and pump supplies. Drp. Drp drp drp. Because of course, why would I have looked for my pumping bras with my pumping stuff? That'd be ridiculous!

Ah, the victories of maternity leave.



Yeah, remember my goals? Troll bebe was all lololol NOPE!

Sitting here on my due date, doing some internetting while my 5 day old takes a nap. Tobias was born at 8lb 10oz even coming 5 days early, so I'm perfectly happy to not have had him get any bigger, and Christmas logistics aside, it was pretty advantageous (mostly financially speaking) to have him be born in 2015.

Still, troll bebe is super troll.

Having a newborn is tough enough... having a newborn and a toddler is already tougher (although it'll be a bit easier once the less-wee one is back into daycare post-vacation, and currently Dominic thinks things are pretty cool). I expect the next couple years to be pretty challenging. But even in the midst of it all, it's pretty great to get to observe a human brain coming online.