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And on we go with the milestones against the countdown to the end of maternity leave... The wee one's first nap in his crib (vs on me, or in swing / vibrating bassinet). The penguin suit really makes it.

(I'm expecting he'll wake up in the next couple minutes, vs the 2-4 hour long naps he does in my lap normally... but hey, at least this way I'll be able to say with a straight face to the daycare ladies that he will nap in a crib.)



Tonight marks the less-wee one's first night in his big bed (Jeff's old captain's bed twin, which has been our changing table / general purpose shelf for the last two years). He asked twice during bedtime if he could sleep in his crib, which just about broke my heart, but it wasn't in a super sad way, and each time when I suggested that we give the big bed a try he pretty happily acquiesced. The monitor angle on him is different, so watching him sleep is extra tough because I can't see his face. He flailed around a bit and seems to have conked out snuggled into his pile of bed buddies. He's fine. I'm totally sniffling.

He was doing great in the crib (not once has he ever tried to get out, or expressed any interest in doing so), but we want to move the more-wee one in there in a couple months so... it was time to get big brother used to the big bed. My baby is growing up. T_T

Having moved him has started the official countdown to operation The Boys Share a Room. May the elder gods have mercy on our souls.



Best laid plans of actually tht'ing... fail.

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