L5R 1st Edition character reference

Since the first day that I wanted to look up a skill in a Clan book someone had borrowed, I've yearned for a comprehensive online reference. While I'd be the first to say that having the sourcebooks in front of you is nicer for sitting down to make a character totally from scratch, and more convenient for in-play looking up of skills, sometimes it's nice to be able to look up a random advantage or family benefit without having to remember who borrowed your Scorpion book.

The information contained here is organized into the sidebar sections, accessible through the listings on this index page, and cross-referenced within the documents when appropriate. Happy character building! For a description of the normal character-building guidelines, please take a look at my character generation guide in the below set of "extra information." Some notes: only when a Japanese word was considered likely to be "unfamiliar" has it been italicized, and I've removed the extraneous backstory information from many schools.

All information on this part of my site is copyrighted by AEG but has by now been out of print for ages. If someone finds out that I'm going to be sued or something, please let me know.

There may be typos. If you find them (or want to contact me for any other reason), please email me and let me know. I don't like to keep my email address published on many of my pages, but it's listed on my Personal page.

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