A note on the naga... Jen's bias

Simply put, I don't like 'em. The Naga are cool, interesting, incredibly powerful, and in my very biased opinion, have no place as PC characters. Even an all-Naga PC group would be a challenge to run, and departs well away from the Rokugan that the rest of us live and breathe in. If you're a GM looking to create NPCs, or a player who thinks I'm full of it, feel free to take a look at the excellent book Way of the Naga. If you're wanting to know a little bit more about Rokugan, be like me and buy it for the color it gives to the world I love. But don't come to this site expecting to have the lowdown on how to create Naga characters. I've decided to include in this reference (for now... we'll see how boredom dictates me in the future - but I'm not holding my breath) solely the information in the Naga book that can be applied to human PCs, whether because its natively applicable, or because they could have concievably learned it from a Naga at some point or another. Sorry, Naga enthusiasts!