Book watchin', watchin' books... what's your power move?

In 2015 I decided to start trying to maintain a running list of all the books I go through in a year. The 2014 listings were constructed from memory, but thereafter I'm trying to update as I go.

In 2023 I started including chapter books I read aloud to my kids, for posterity.

*cough* We'll see how long this lasts. *cough*

Bookwatch 2014

Note that since I didn't actually track books through 2014, I'm pretty sure I'm missing some, and my ordering is a bit off. I also definitely included some that I actually read near the end of 2013, as my reading habit got a massive reboot kickstart with my maternity leave that began Sept 2013, but remembering which books I inhaled Sept-Dec vs Dec-Feb is too much to ask given my state at the time.


  1. The Lies of Locke Lamora (book club)
  2. Fledgling
  3. Words of Radiance
  4. Eifelheim (book club)
  5. Blindness
  6. Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore
  7. The Miniature Wife and Other Stories
  8. The Forever War (book club)
  9. Man Plus (book club)
  10. Mistress of the Empire (re-read)
  11. Servant of the Empire (re-read)
  12. Daughter of the Empire (re-read)
  13. James and the Giant Peach
  14. A Second Chance at Eden (book club, re-read)
  15. The Book of Life
  16. Shadow of Night
  17. A Discovery of Witches
  18. Succession (book club)
  19. The Remains of the Day
  20. Lucifer's Hammer (book club)
  21. The Returned
  22. Anna Karenina
  23. Shaman
  24. The Phantom Tollbooth (re-read)
  25. Redwall (re-read)
  26. Galactic Football: The MVP
  27. Galatic Football: The All-Pro
  28. Galactic Football: The Starter
  29. Galatic Football: The Rookie
  30. American Elsewhere
  31. The Passage
  32. The Age of Ice
  33. Hild
  34. Mistborn: The Alloy of Law
  35. Mistborn: The Hero of Ages
  36. Mistborn: The Well of Ascension
  37. Mistborn: Final Empire
  38. Kraken (book club, re-read)
  39. Moby Dick
  40. The Children of Men
  41. Pushing Ice
  42. The Teleportation Accident
  43. A Canticle for Lebowitz (book club)
  44. Every Day
  45. The Age of Miracles
  46. Year Zero
  47. Congo (book club)
  48. Days of Blood & Starlight
  49. 11/22/63
  50. Blue Remembered Earth
  51. The Scorpio Races
  52. House of Suns
  53. Ancillary Justice (book club)
  54. The Talented Mister Ripley
  55. Childhood's End (book club)
  56. Century Rain
  57. Intervention (book club, re-read)
  58. Misspent Youth
  59. Schild's Ladder
  60. Quarantine
  61. Incandescence
  62. Terminal World


  • The Third Policeman
  • The Flame Alphabet