My first L5R GM had us write chronicles of what had happened during sessions for extra experience. These are the ones that I wrote, strung together in chronological (although not always directly consecutive) order.

In my defense, I didn't take this first chronicle very seriously at all. It's written very, well, colloquially, but it DOES convey what happened. Sort of.
The First Days

What happened during the second session:

This was the first time that I skipped writing the chronicle, and went back to do it later. It's a little more embroidered by memory, but generally, it's what occurred. But man, talk about cheesy names. What was I thinking?
The Alchemy of Danger

The second one that I wrote later, the fourth session chronicle is at least a lot shorter than the one before it.
Changes on the Wind

This session remains one of my favorite ones from this campaign. No, I don't know why. I mean, I almost died... go figure the psychology of that one.
The Day The Horses Died

There were a whole bunch of sessions that I didn't chronicle that preceed the events of this story. To sum up: The Emerald Champion showed up just as I was bleeding to death, Damatsu was unmasked as a Scorpion actor and he was sentenced to be our servant, we were sent out of Ryoko Owari to help Bayushi Shoju reclaim his daimyo position, the pretender to the Scorpion daiymo-ship turned out to be an oni masquerading as Shosuro Hametsu, I adopted a street child from Ryoko Owari, Kozaki, who turned out to be a son of the Emerald Champion's line, an uncultured and rude, but competent Crab samurai joined the party, and more happened that I don't remember anymore.
Surprises And Revelations

I missed many more sessions inbetween the previous story and this one (three, to be exact). I no longer remember what happened, so perhaps this should be treated as a "stand alone" sort of thing.
Partings of Many Sorts

There were still many sessions after the events in the last story I wrote, but that's it for what's recorded. As an additional tidbit, somewhere inbetween the last two chronicles, Jason had us record our character's perceptions of all the other characters.
See What Liuko Thought of Everyone


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