Philip Reid, you da man

(Spring Quarter 2001)

All of these were scribbled down on the fly during my Statistical Mechanics lecture—now to be a testament for all time to the glorious Philip Reid, he who miraculously kept me awake, alert, and interested in integrals at 9:30 in the mornings this quarter.

Concerning his lab:

  • ... and don't go behind the black curtains; that's where certain death ensues.

Concerning Ludwig Boltzmann of the Boltmann constant:

  • Boltzmann—killed himself because they thought of him as a kook... a bright kook, but one that had clearly missed the boat. He woulda hung around another twenty-three years at least had quantum mechanics been in vogue.
  • Think about Boltzmann, who had to kill himself to get his own constant. Then Michaelis does a substitution and gets one. Think that's fair? I don't think so.

Concerning math:

  • It looks formidable, but the integral is your friend.
  • If you can't get the differential rate expression, guys... you're dead in the water.
  • If something doesn't cancel, then something's gone awry.

Concerning joules:

  • Joules are gone; I hate the joules!
  • Gotta give up on the joule.

Concerning entropy:

  • ... so, from this day forth, if someone asks you "what's entropy?" and you respond "disorder," I'm going to find you, and slap you.

Concerning equilibrium:

  • Smack the system and make it do what you want it to!

Concerning Eastern Washington:

  • There's enough carbon-tet in the ground over there to give everyone in Washington a cup. Mm mm.