[an error occurred while processing this directive]   Excite's Love-O-Meter took two names and rated them by some weird process to come up with how suited the two people are for each other. Out of all my friends, this was the highest rating I got:

  Jen & Kevin, this is your relationship:

If Love-O-Meter could invest in a relationship, it might pick yours. You combine the stability of a blue-chip stock, with the roller-coaster excitement of, oh, say, an Internet stock.

You two sizzle like bacon and eggs. You complement each other beautifully, and make other couples look blander than stale granola in comparison. This relationship was made with two scoops of love.

Your mission in life is to serve as a model to all those sucky, annoying couples who give relationships a bad name. With your example, perhaps they will see how bleak their tawdry little couplings are, and aspire to something more.

  From Excite's horoscopes... it happened to be on a night when one of my favorite people came in and visited me at work:

The Stars and Planets conspire to send romance your way today, and surprise of surprises, the best way to meet someone may be through work rather than play. Single Virgos should scour the office or do something physical to meet that special someone.

  John's CheckRaise.Net rants section is one of those pages that I now read every day, just in case he ever posts something like this again:

Someone suggested that I make the previous reference to Jen's splendid site a hot link, which given my low readership is enough demand to constitute a mandate. Many moons ago, I was searching the UW 'net and stumbled upon Jen's site. Happy accident. I immediately noticed that she is, without a doubt, one of the finest natural writers I've ever come across. The MFA hacks in grad school could learn a lot about grace, fluidity, lyricism and evocation from this undergrad chemist. If I know anything about assessing writing - and goddamit, if I know anything, I know that - this woman has enormous reservoirs of untapped talent. She's one of those brilliant people whose inevitable meteoric rise you just want to watch so later you can say, "Yeah, I called it."

  The first night I met Zach (of Shaw Island fame), he posted this on his frigging main page, inducing a blush whose heat could probably be felt a few rooms down... of course, the second of these is something he posted several weeks later, which made me happy for a completely different reason - he took a huge load off of my mind with it:

I just spent a wonderful evening (okay, couple of hours) with a reader of the strip who happens to live next door to us...more importantly, it's a HER. Get this, she watches more anime than I do, enjoys programming and to top it off, she's cute as hell. So I just wanted to abuse what little power I have on this page to say "hi" and wave :D

I stopped flirting with other women after I met this girl and that's why I was so bummed for a while. While I guess it could be taken as a compliment, I totally forgot about other women when I was around her, something that doesn't happen all that often. There's a girl who lives across the street from me that has the same effect, but I think she's after someone else at the moment as well, so I'm not going to worry about it and get myself all worked up again.

  Brian... it's easy to be an angel when you love someone... From his 2/27/00 thoughts page:

I don't know if I ever properly thanked Jennifer for being there that time last summer. She was an angel to me while I had been an asshole the entire day. She has a large heart and it meant a lot to me.

  Another Bryan, making me smile over his opinion on my advice on his love life:

How invaluable is Jen? Gods. No offense or anything, but I didn't think that the most in-depth advice would come from you. And yet it has, and I'm gleefully reassured by it. Yes, there are times when I need to be told that I'm being a total idiot, but she does it in such a way that....doesn't make me feel so bad :-)

  (sigh) Ahhh, Chris. 6/24/00 Journal:

Jen...what can I say about Jen. I wish I could make her happy, I wish I could give her the world. I wish I could make her pain go away, I wish I could make her want no more. I wish I could see her smile all day and all night. I wish I pierced her heart they way she does mine, when I look deep into her eyes. I wish I could bring her peace, I wish I could hold her close when she was scared or upset. Sigh... I know, I know that was lame. I just felt the need to get it off of my chest. Something about falling asleep next to her on the server room floor on Friday, really, really, really got to me. I thought I was in control of my Jen problem, but after Friday I realized I was just deluding myself. Oh well, I wouldn't give up our friendship for anything in the world. Although, I find myself, after reading her daily thought, just wanting to be there to make her feel better and comfort her. Sigh...I am going to bed before I start staring at walls.
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