(~October 1998, Sophomore Year)

OK. Well, the million dollar question right now is, will Jen study for her physics and organic chemistry midterms, or will she re-string her Christmas lights, idly listen to her roommate talk to her boyfriend on the phone, work on her webpage, AND wish that she had a rootbeer? (Multitasking at its best) We leave it up to the audience to imagine....

And unless you're really dense or really idealistic...

I bet you can guess the answer!

And okay it wasn't really a million dollar question.

More of a nickel one.


I don't know what I'm going to write here, and I only hope that I remember to put in those breaks when I want a paragraph to end. I'm probably the only person who'll ever read this, so I suppose I can write whatever I want. (I must say that it's amazing how much can get put on a line of an html document. But then again, running in high res does that sort of thing to you.)

My name is Jennifer Barrick (hajimemashite, Barrick-desu... doozo yoroshiku!). I'm currently a sophomore at the University of Washington in Seattle and if I would take it seriously, this year would probably be my hardest one. But I'm spending wayyyyy too much time idling on IRC, playing Quake (not enough of that one, unfortunately), watching anime, roleplaying, and writing essays about me that only I will read. What a life, ne? I wish I took school more seriously... but it's just not very much fun to be doing physics homework when I could be writing this nonsense. I'm taking Organic Chemistry, Physics, and Japanese if anyone cares; I sure don't seem to. Which is depressing I suppose.

Now, I don't want someone to get the impression that I'm a slacker. I like to think of myself as very intelligent. I just... erm... *cough* procrastinate *cough*. I'll study for those tests I should be studying for now... at some point.

Goddamn, I want some rootbeer! Mental note: go down to Steven's Pantry tomorrow and get some. Ahhhhh! Rootbeer: the greatest of carbonated drinks that I patronize. Considering that I don't like just about any others, I suppose that's not the biggest compliment, but the rootbeer world should take it anyway.

*checking the fridge to see if some rootbeer has magically appeared yet*


My roommate's been talking to her boyfriend for a while now. I suspect he's soon to be an ex-boyfriend by his own choice, which makes me sad. I've never met him, but my roommate's a really cool girl. He's going to be missing out. As for me, I'm running an experiment in being single. It's been interesting so far. Which isn't to say that I recommend it to anyone. I just needed to do it for a while. And it's not as if there's a whole bunch of guys around here beating down my door, so it's not been to difficult to enforce. *sigh* My roommate sounds like she's trying not to cry. I know where she's at. Even though I've always been the one to leave my relationships, I've always cried as if I were the one getting dumped. Go figure, I suppose.

The question arises as to why it is that I'm running my experiment. The answer: because I need to grow up. Which I'm not going to do if I'm using another person as a shield from the world. Yes, I'm lonely, but I consider this a necessary thing to do. I've been very childish in my interactions with others and with the world at large, a situation which needs to be fixed so that I don't hurt more people (including myself).

I've just noticed how awful, grammatically speaking, all that I've written has been. I apologize about that... Normally I'm really anal about the editing side of things, but I'm feeling lazy tonight. That probably means I should go to bed, but it's early yet. It's not even half past one in the morning. And I don't need to get up until 9 or so....

I'm not a morning person at all. That's probably the reason why I scheduled my classes this quarter so that most days, my first one is at 11:30 am. My brain just doesn't kick into gear until about then. My younger brother is the same way, so perhaps I have genetics to blame in that. Bryce, my brother, is almost two years younger than me. We sporadically get along, which is all, I suppose, that I can really expect. The two of us share many interests, which helps. It's him that I have to thank for teaching me how to play Magic all those years ago. And my life has never been the same since.

After I learned how to play, I slowly shifted my place of residence to a local comic/card shop, where I played non-stop. For four years. Gotta love high school and having the time to do that. Although... what am I saying? I spend just as much time playing Quake and idling on IRC as I used to playing Magic. And it's a hell of a lot cheaper! Proof that you get smarter as you get older.

*watching roommate's spider hanging on a spiral of black and copper foil twist lazily in the reflected light from the Christmas lights*

I can't decide if I like that.

I hate spiders. My house is infested with wolf spiders. They're nasty, ugly things, where the very smallest are about the size of a quarter. They bite and jump and they're just generally hateful. Unfortunately, my distaste for arachnids extends to all sizes, and if you want a manifestation of girliness, you have one right when I see a spider. Jumping on the table and screaming and everything. Well, okay, maybe not the jumping on the table part, or screaming exactly... but I'm good at the shuddering and hysterical calling for someone else to deal with the yucky things.

I try not to be girlish like that much. All through high school I spent my days in that comic and card store, being the only girl. Certain aspects of being a girl were certainly appreciated, but most weren't. And so the first bricks on my path to being something of a misogynist were laid. I endeavor as much as possible to be as little of a girl as possible. Which isn't to say that I don't have my lapses. For instance, I just bought a long, black velvet, clinging skirt. It's kind of embarrassing... but... it's so pretty!

*delivering a well deserved smack to self*

It does look good on me though.


I should play Quake in that skirt sometime.

I learned how to play Quake almost a year ago, when my boyfriend at the time was big into it. I would watch him play for hours on end, but refused to play myself. I've been a big gamer person for years (yes, I am a Magic geek) but first person shooter games made me motion sick. Until, of course, the day that I was really really bored and sat down. If he could play it, then I damn well could! And so Twink Bitch came on the scene. I'm horribly out of practice these days. Playing on a modem became more like a bad joke that'd gone on too long every day that passed over the summer. I haven't played much in the last six weeks... something which direly needs to be rectified. My days of playing for six straight hours are calling to me. Ethernet should be wired up on my floor on Monday, though (*KNOCK ON WOOD*), so I'll be back to my lovely lpbitch self. And no, I don't play Q2. Q1 all the way - Must... take... advantage... of... fast... grappling... in... ctf...!

*chanting ethernet ethernet ethernet to self*

I spend far too much time on the computer. It's a good thing, then, that I enjoy it so very much. *grin* I do, however, occasionally get off my ass and do something else. That something else is called... Ultimate Frisbee! Sport of champions, even if it does have more running involved than I'd like. I've never been the most athletic person, but I'm getting there after 4 and a half years of playing. Jogging three times a week is helping too. And don't tell anyone this... but after 3 months of jogging, I'm finally starting to... like it.

I shouldn't say that Ultimate is the only thing I get up for. I do go to classes, most of the time. I'm planning on a chemistry major, something I decided my junior year of high school. My other two interests are Japanese history and psychology, and since both of those majors are kind of a bitch... chemistry it is. I have no idea what it is I'll do with chemistry, but I'm sure I'll figure out something. Eventually.

And who knows, maybe if I don't make my career in chemistry, I'll move to Japan and teach English. At least if I go I'll be able to watch anime 24 hours a day! Anime is definitely one of my top reasons to postpone homework. And we're not talking Ranma and Sailor Moon here (the latter has its merits... the only good thing about the former is its disgustingly peppy theme song), we're talking works of art with a plot!

Speaking of plot (or lack thereof), I've finally realized that this stream of consciousness thing is really random. Perhaps it's for the best that only I will ever read it. And, since I'm the only one who cares, I'll stop now. Because, well, I'm sleepy.